U-Reach IT300 1:3 Pro HDD Duplicator

U-Reach IT300 1:3 Pro HDD Duplicator
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Product Description

The U-Reach IT series HDD duplicator is specially designed for professional use. It supports high copy speed up to 100MB/sec. Smart quick copy mode (System and files) supports FAT, NTFS and Linux (ext2/ext3) format which can copy only data contained area and highly increase the production efficiency. Furthermore, the innovated interface design can help you easy swap HDD during operation and reduce the time and effort while repairing.

With up to 100 MB per second transfer bandwidth, this is the fastest speed of industrial use HDD duplicator. Each SATA interface is independent, no matter 1 target or 15 targets duplication, it has same speed of performance. 6GB per minute is far beyond PC software based duplicators.

Product Features

  • Supports high speed to 90 MB/sec based on real test.
  • Supports 2.5", 3.5" SATA HDD,SSD.
  • Supports IDE HDD via SATA-IDE convertor.
  • Revolutionary easy replaceable SATA interface module. Check accessories page. Easy to plug and pull HDDs, easy to replace new module, and easy to connect IDE converter
  • Auto power control- when copying finished, the machine will automatically cut off the power to protect HDD during removal from the duplicator.
  • Supports DoD erase.
  • Supports various formats of HDD.
  • Supports different HDD capacity duplication
  • Support quick copy mode
  • Ultra high speed data Compare
  • Easy and friendly user interface

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